Does the Bible “speak” to you? If it doesn’t, it is because you are approaching God’s Word with your intellect and not with your heart & spirit. Someone once said that the reason many people do not understand the Bible is that they are reading some other person’s mail from God. In other words, they are trying to understand something that they lack total perspective and details about. These are details that God will fill in for you with HIS Holy Spirit. When you open up your heart, God will open up your understanding. Intellectuals point out inconsistencies in the Bible as a way of discrediting the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. Why? To steer you away from the eternal salvation that awaits those who trust in God.

Recently, I listened to a program on the life of Jesus. Many scholars were quite disturbed by the fact there is a gap in the life of Jesus. We read in the Bible where he is in the temple preaching at the age of 12 and instantly there he is at the age of 30 starting a ministry. What happened during those critical 18 years? Of course, endless speculation then proceeds from the mouths of these biblical scholars. Who taught Jesus? At least some of the discourse is aimed directly at discrediting God’s Word. At raising doubt.

A quick reminder is due. This book is not aimed at convincing you to accept Jesus as Lord and savior. This is a message from God to those who already claim to be Christians. It is a wakeup call from God penned through the mind and hands of yet another willing and yielding spirit. The Spirit of God told me at the time I watched that particular show: “What is this all about and what difference does it really make in the big salvation picture?”

It is irrelevant and it doesn’t scratch God’s big picture. Still, it can make a difference to those doubtful Christians who are constantly mulling over whether or not they should trust and believe in the Bible. However, I will have to leave that matter between God and them. After all, it is God who calls HIS people to both HIMSELF and to Christ.

“No one can come to me [Jesus] unless the FATHER who sent me draws him.” John 6:44

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