eternal salvation after death for those who claim Jesus as their savior. Yet, they seem to be the first to throw out or dismiss the entire rest of the Bible. The parts with instructions about how to live. My amusement concerns this simple intellectual question. If these Christians cannot trust the entire Bible as God’s truth, what makes them think that they can trust only the part of the Bible about salvation through Christ Jesus? Now think about that and ponder how intellectually dishonest that particular point of view is.

Hey, if you can’t believe it all, then why waste your time? Jump into secular heaven and don’t worry about God’s eternal salvation. Isn’t that your intellectually honest conclusion if you cannot believe all of God’s Word?

The reality is that you can trust the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God. You can read it, understand it and apply its teachings to your life. Once you do this, you will really start to live an interesting life. A life of adventure with God at the helm of your spirit. An excellent resource on this very subject is the book: “Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible” by Erwin W. Lutzer © 1998 and published by Moody Press in Chicago.1 More about why you can trust the Bible later when I discuss the subject of God’s eternal character and hermeneutics (the interpretation of Scripture).

Everyone who is engaged in Bible study should think of the Bible as:
B. I. B. L. E.
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

Understand the simple fact that nothing in the Bible from God is designed to harm you or limit the degree of fun you can have in this earthly existence. Quite the opposite is actually true in the Bible. Read the Bible with the full understanding that God is telling you how to live a more fuller and satisfying life. When HE says DON’T, there is always a reason. When HE says DO, a reason always exists. God does not take the time to explain HIMSELF to HIS children. When the Word speaks to your whole heart, you will come to understand and marvel at God’s power and HIS fellowship.

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