Sub Priorities
SECOND Family a. Spouse
b. Children
c. Relatives

THIRD Yourself a. Friends
b. Job
c. Your Skills

FOURTH Church a. Friends
b. Members
c. Committees
d. Ushering
e. Money $

Too often being in church is equated with and is treated as if it were on a par or level equal to that of level one. However, this is God’s priority level. It is reserved as a place for your heart to reside and commune with God. Some pastors even place the church ahead of God through their man-made traditions and their indoctrination of people. For example: In Matthew 15:1-2, the scribes and Pharisees ask of Jesus: “Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders?” In other words, your disciples are not doing it the way we (us elders) say it is suppose to be done (in our church). Put God first and people ahead of material goods and gifts of money to the church in your priorities. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ did? Listen to what Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees in response to their question

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