Apostle Edward's Message

The Holy Bible contains untaught knowledge!

Your soul needs this knowledge to fully understand what Jesus taught us about eternal life. This untaught and hidden knowledge is revealed at this site. Learn the truth of God's Word, verifiable by your own eyes and from your very own Bible. The Bible truths found here are unfiltered by any Church denomination, any dogma, tradition, friends, or family. Is the truth found in the Holy Bible important to you and your family? It should be, as Jesus Christ taught us that he actually rejects many Christians who thought that they were going to Heaven. Open up your Bible to Matthew 7:21-23 where Jesus says: "I never knew you!"

God called me to explain these words of Christ.

How do we know for sure that he rejected Christians? Exactly which Christians are rejected by Jesus Christ and why? And, if Christ rejected even one Christian, how can this rejection be reconciled with the eternal life teachings of Orthodox Christianity concerning salvation only through our Lord Jesus Christ?

I ignored God's call for several years.

Delivering a message from God to the Church is an Apostle's job. It was not a calling I wanted. However, I eventually spent five years with God's Spirit writing the Book of Edward. The message God told me to tell the Church is that many Christians are headed towards Hell thinking they are firmly headed towards Heaven. Compare Christianity to Scripture and you'll find that many Orthodox and other Churches are now teaching mythology as Paul prophesied would occur during the End-Times before the return of Christ - 2 Tim. 4:3-4.

"He who is of God hears God's words!" John 8:47

Don't be offended at the words "Christian mythology" and the tough discussions from God's Word found on this site in the Book of Edward. If you want eternal life, you'll have to embrace the truth of God's Word, even when it differs with all that you've been taught.

The hidden spiritual answers inside of this site are backed by the Word of God. They are HIS teachings, found within your own Holy Bible and verifiable by your own eyes. God's Message given to Edward is free to read online at this site in the exact form that HE gave it. Digital file or print versions are found in our catalogue. Click here to begin your journey into Scripture Truth! Click street tracts for a short course on Christian mythology.

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