Apostle Ministry Inc

Mission Statement

The Calling

The Apostle Edward is called by God to inform the Church and Christianity of who it is that Christ referred to in Matthew 7:21-23 when he said: “I never knew you!”  It is a fact, that Christ rejects some so-called Christians.  Who are these rejected Christians?  Why does Christ reject them? God has given the Apostle Edward the answers to these questions.  Many in the Church and Christianity have turned away from the truth, only found in Scriptures, and are now engaged in the mythology that Apostle Paul prophesied about in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.  The Apostle Edward’s calling by God is a writing and teaching ministry directed to the Church.

A Light Shining On God's Word

God directed Edward to shine a light on HIS Scripture truths (the Word of God) so that the Church could experience a great awakening and a true revival that worships the ONE and only true God, the FATHER that our Lord Jesus Christ identified.  (See Matthew 4:10 and John 4:21-23). It is Jesus Christ who instructed us to worship only God, the FATHER.  And, in John 20:17, Christ confirms that the FATHER is his God and also our God. Apostle Paul confirms God's identity in 1 Corinthians 8:6.

Christianity is now in a state of great confusion about who our God is and actually denies the simple teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the process, Orthodox Church doctrines make Christ, Paul, John and other Apostles out to be liars. Did Jesus really lie to us in John 20:17 about the identity of God? Did Paul lie to us in 1 Cor 8:6 about the identity of God? Did John lie to us in John 20:31 about who Christ was and the purpose of his writing?

JVED Publishing is a subsidiary of Apostle Ministry and was created to publish the Apostle Edward’s teachings, as he receives them from God, for distribution to Christians in both eBook and print formats.

Christ's Lost Gospel

The Gospel Jesus preached was a "kingdom of God" Gospel. Jesus taught us to "repent for the kingdom of God is near." We believe this repentance and kingdom of God Gospel message has not been preached to the world. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 24:4-15 that this is the next step from where we are currently in the spiritual history time line and before the End [or, the "Day of the LORD" [God] occurs [comes]. So, while the Church has been busy preaching Jesus, it has totally ignored the Gospel teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. When is the last time you heard the need to repent inside of your church?

The Mission

The mission of Apostle Ministry is, therefore, to shine a light on God's Scripture truth for all people, especially Christians, to see with their own eyes from their very own Bible.  This light shined on the teachings of Jesus will clarify his Gospel message that each individual needs to repent and turn back to God, the FATHER, for God's kingdom is indeed near and "at hand."

Our ministry mission will be accomplished by the publication and distribution of the teachings of the Apostle Edward, as he receives them from God. Apostle Edward is also known as the "Virtual Apostle or Virtualapostle," who will make use of the Internet to reach people from around the world teaching God's Holy Word.

The Books

The Doctor's Death Diagnosis

You don't have to accept a doctor's death diagnosis. This book will teach you about self-care, alternative health, and spiritual healing options.

God And Healing

This book explains what the Bible really says about God's Healing for your body.

Book of Edward: Christian Mythology

This is God's Message for all Christians concerning who Christ will reject and why.

Seven End-Times Messages From God

This is God's seven messages for these End-Times.

Trinity Dogma

This is God's message setting straight HIS identity and the identity of Christ.

God and Cancer

This is Gods' view of cancer healing and end of life spiritual issues.

God's Spiritual Case

Christian Mythology

This is God's Spiritual Case against the Orthodox Christian Church.

032014 Update

Apostle Ministry's Mission is to be ...

A Light Shining On God's Word!