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Apostle Ministry supports a ground team of people in India who speak the Telugu language and reach out to people locally with the word of God. The Telugu language is spoken by an estimated 70-80 million people in India. Every year for the last few years we have sent the local street ministry we support copies of the Telugu Bible to distribute free. In 2009, we sent 500 bibles and our goal is to be able to send a minimum of 1,000 Telugu bibles to India each year. Please help us reach this goal.

Each bible is hand delivered free to a family that would otherwise not be able to afford this Bible. If our street ministry outreach program was not in effect, many of these people would never hear about God and HIS human begotten Son Jesus. Many bibles will find their way into the home of a Hindu family to educate them on God's Grace. It is not just a Bible that a family in India receives. There is an active street ministry on the ground equipped with God's Word to aide in helping new believers understand our Lord Jesus Christ and the God that he served and worshipped.

The Telugu Bible is very similar to the King James Bible and the language itself appears to be a derivation of the ancient Aramaic language that Jesus spoke.

Click the button below and help us send Bibles to India. They will be hand delivered by a ministry worker. Each Bible costs only $5.00 to get into the hands of a family in India. When you click the link below, you will be able to define how many Bibles you want to send to India. We have a secure online PayPal transaction that will allow you to use all major credit cards.

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John 3:16 in Telugu Language

John 3:16

Click John 3:16 image for Telugu Bible file downloads.

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