Book of Edward — FAQ


First News Release

1. Why is the Media Kit news release headline different than Business Wire’s?

Answer: The original headline found in this kit was unacceptable for Business Wire’s distribution network.  Specifically, the words “prove” and “hell” were both found to be objectionable and an attribution source for the news release was required in the headline [JVED Publishing].  The frequent editing of news by media entities points out the difficulty in getting God’s Word out to the public.  When words like “hell” are found objectionable to print or distribute, one questions just how free our speech is in the USA.  Nevertheless, the body of the release remained the same.

2. Why did the original News Release state “Grinch steals some salvation joy?”

Answer: Christian mythology has evolved to the point where “many” Christians no longer believe that their actions matter to God.  They would especially view the author as a Grinch trying to throw cold water on their “no responsibility required” salvation in an attempt to steal their Christmas joy.  Ergo, “many” Christians will actually resent the author albeit those who love the truth of God’s Holy Word will not.

3. Is the author picking on one sect of Christianity with his writings?

            Answer: No, virtually every organized church denomination will find something in the Apostle Edward’s writing to complain about.  That is because, without exception, some aspect of every organized church is offensive to God and places “many” individuals within those churches in jeopardy with God.  The sole exception in the Apostle’s mind is the home-based Bible church, which is reemerging due to the apostasy that is rampant within organized religion.

4. How can the author state he can “prove” Christ condemns Christians to Hell?

            Answer: The author reminds people of Christ’s very own words in Mt. 7:21-23.  Therefore, it is Christ, speaking for God that states this as a fact in the Bible.  Who else could Christ’s words possibly apply to?  Jews and Muslims do not call upon the name of Christ for prophecy, casting out demons and doing [mighty] wonders.  It is a fact that Christ condemns “many” Christians to Hell.  That is one of many teachings of Christ that are ignored in Christendom today.

5. Has the author seen the Chronicles of Narnia movie and what is his opinion of it?

            Answer: Yes, the author has seen the movie.  He said: “Clearly the movie is an allegory on the redemption of Christ.  Only Bible ignorant movie reviewers could come to any other conclusion.  However, the Narnia movie continues to promote the mythology that repentance is not a requirement of God.  In that respect, it may further lead Christians astray from God’s truth.  While it is true that ‘redemption’ has occurred in the movie, it is made available without a minimum of responsibility and a clear statement of repentance.  Therefore the movie does not deal with repentance, but then, it is just a movie, isn’t it?”

6. After 2,000 years, how can the author now claim that both the Trinity and Salvation doctrines in Christianity are myths?

            Answer: Computer software was used to carefully analyze and review all the logic given in these two regards.  These Church doctrines no longer stand the test of Scripture, because Scripture is now easily searched for truth.  Before computer Bible software was available, man had to rely upon his own notes and the prior writings of others.  Today, he can easily search Scripture for truth and doesn’t have to just “accept” pulpit teachings.

The Apostle Edward said: “The Trinity doctrine emerged in the first century and is present in the teachings of St. Ignatius circa 80-100 AD.  The Trinity is clearly a theology developed by the early Church and as the third Bishop to Antioch; Ignatius makes it clear he is teaching Church doctrine.  However, his Trinity teachings were coupled with obedience teachings as well.  Today, in 2005, obedience has been decoupled and the Trinity doctrine has become a rationale for people to sin.  Ergo, ordination of active homosexuals as a bishops, priests, etc.  This and other abominations anger God.”

Further discussion of the Trinity Doctrine and why it is false is in Volume II, Chapter 10.  Further discussion of the Salvation Doctrine and why it is false is in Chapter 12.

7. Christianity states only “believers” in Christ get the benefit of salvation.  How can the author state that “all righteous people” around the world will see salvation?

            Answer: Christianity has ignored Scripture on this very issue and many sects within Christendom preach that salvation in only available from “their” Church.  Such people are ignorant of actual Scripture, especially the words of Christ concerning salvation.  Again, a complete discussion, with back up Scriptures, is contained in the Apostle Edward’s writings.  A graphic follows in this Media Kit, which contains the teachings of Christ in regards to who gets into Heaven.  Nowhere does Christ teach the myth that you get into Heaven by just “calling on the name of Jesus.”  Christians around the world should meditate on what Christ actually said in Matthew 7:21-23 if they think just calling on Jesus’ name will get them saved.

8. What does the Apostle Edward mean when he says Christianity has morphed Christ into a new God?

            Answer: It is clear in early church teachings that obedience to the commands and commandments of God were every believer’s responsibilities.  Ergo, true faith in Christ led one into obedience to God’s ways and not into some kind of rationalization of their sin.  The rationalization of man, in this regards, is discussed in Volume II, Chapter 9.

9. What Church theft are you talking about and where is the proof?

            Answer: The author is talking about the theft of Solid Rock Church, Inc. in Elk River, Minnesota.  The theft is fully discussed in Volume III, Chapters 16 and 20 and remains unaddressed by state authorities as of this date despite full disclosure of the crime.  The theft was accomplished by the filing of fraudulent Articles of Incorporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State.  Documentation can be found at the Secretary of State’s Office in the form of Articles filed [sworn as truth under the penalty of perjury]; The Tenth District Court in Elk River in the form of actual corporate meeting minutes [which can be compared to state filings]; and, on web site.

10. Why hasn’t state authorities taken action against this $6 Million fraud?

            Answer: You have to ask the authorities responsible this question.  The author has no explanation other that it seems like the “church” theft has been a hot potato; that no one in authority has wanted to get involved.  This also demonstrates how people vote against God, even Christians, with their behavior, actions or even their lack of action.

11. How is the theft estimated at $6 Million dollars?

            Answer: The church property resides adjacent to scarce commercial property within the City of Elk River.  Its size is about 20 acres.  If the Church and three adjacent homes that are part of the property were simply bull dozed down, an estimated 4-8 homes per acre could be developed on the property.  Therefore, the land alone from this perspective is worth $4-8 Million.  However, from a commercial development perspective, it might garner 1.5 to 2.0 times that value.  Buildings on the land are estimated to be between $2-4 Million in value.  Ergo, it is fairly easy to determine this as at least a $6 Million dollar theft without even counting personal property that may have been engulfed along with the corporate property [and should be counted in the theft].

12. What does the author mean when he says we “cannot vote against God’s ways?”

            Answer: The answer to this question is explained throughout the four-volume set.  The Bible, taken as God’s Word, contains specific instructions in the form of “do” and “do not do.”  Today, however, little of this obedience actually matters to the “many” Christians that Christ condemns.  This issue is further discussed in the Media Kit as the Apostle Edward asks: “Are you Ready?”  See the page with his photo on it that follows.

13.  Does the author write against any particular political party?

            Answer: No.  However, in Volume III, Chapter 20 it is clear that the author holds the Democratic Party responsible for the current moral malaise that the country now finds itself struggling with.  The Apostle Edward said: “Clearly, when one examines history from a moral perspective, there can be no other conclusion than that the Democrats have led us to a moral precipice.  They dropped the ‘moral’ ball.  Having said that, it is far from clear that the Republicans are capable of sustaining a moral foundation within their party that would return the United States to the moral underpinnings that the Founding Fathers assumed would sustain us.  We were founded as a Christian nation with a common morality and religious understanding.  All of that is now gone and Christianity’s false teachings and moral failures are part of the moral dilemma that the US now faces.”

14. Where can I get more information?

            Answer: The book web site is and the theft web site is In addition, the author is open to interviews from both the print and radio media.  Interview times would have to be established in advance and due to the extensive nature of the book, confined to one area of the book or just a general discussion of the book.

15. Why did it take 10 years of research and 5 years to write the book?

            Answer: The Apostle Edward wrote the book as God gave him input.  A lot of that input was occurring as Edward was living his life.  I.E. The chapter on healing is reflective of Scripture God gave Edward after his wife died of cancer.  Also, the author is the CEO of a small energy development company and has had other duties to deal with.  The author’s resume is at the back of this Media Kit.  His extensive corporate legal background enabled him to uncover the church theft and understand how it occurred.

Other Questions

16. What else can you tell me about the theft?

            Answer: The author refers everyone to Volume III, Chapters 16 and 20 for a full discussion of the theft and to the web site for documentation.  Case files at the Tenth District Court are easily located by searching on Solid Rock Church and/or the Elk River Assembly of God Church.

17. Why did it take so long to get the word out to the public about the theft?

            Answer: A continuous effort has been made since the theft was discovered to get the word out to the public.  However, the issue has been a hot potato for various authorities and media concerns about litigation prevented various advertising notices from getting published.  In fact, one rural newspaper refused to run an advertisement announcing the Book of Edward to its readership fearing it would upset their readers.

18. What can you tell me about Apostle Ministry, Inc?

            Answer: Apostle Ministry is a home-based church group that meets and discusses God’s Word.  For the last nine years it has been focused on studying Scriptures related to the book the Apostle Edward has written.  Ergo, the Bible group has extensively studied all of the subjects written about in Scriptures over the last 9 years.

19. Was the book written solely by Edward G. Palmer?  Answer: Yes.

20. What makes the author think he is a modern day apostle?

            Answer: This is fully discussed in Volume I, Chapter 6.

21. Apostles have a message from God.  What is Edward’s?

            Answer: That “many” Christians are headed to Hell instead of Heaven for reasons clearly cited in existing Scripture.  God gave Edward the explanation of who Jesus is talking to in Matthew 7:21-23.  That is what the Book of Edward is all about.  It explains precisely whom Christ is talking to when he said: “I never knew you!”  It explains which Christians get sent to Hell and why. Are you ready?

22. Why is the book textbook sized at 8.25x11 with 14 pt font?

            Answer: God gave the book size, font; cover materials and interior content spiritually to the Apostle Edward.

23. How does the Apostle Edward talk to God?

            Answer: This is discussed throughout the book, but especially in Volume I.

24. Isn’t the Book of Edward costly?

            Answer: No.  It is priced very competitively with other comparable books.  The Book of Edward is also a print on demand title and its resultant cost structure is much higher than what would have been possible with a volume produced book.  Recognizing that cost may be a factor for some people, the author has made the book readable entirely free on the official book web site for those who cannot afford to buy a printed copy.  Therefore, one can simply go the their local library if needed and read the book free.

25. Are there any other special web site features?

            Answer: The book’s official web site is being coded so that visitors will be able to search the entire book for pages that contain words they enter into a search engine. 

26. Will the Book of Edward be part of Google’s new book scanning service?

Answer: Yes, Google is scanning the Book of Edward into their book database.  Therefore, the book will be able to be searched on Google’s Book Search site and may even appear in their search engine.

27. Is the Book of Edward available at Amazon?

Answer: Yes.

28. Is the Book of Edward available in bookstores?

            Answer: It is stocked at “Where The Books Are” at 938 Highway 10 in Elk River MN 55330, (763) 633-2665.  It is distributed by Ingram Books and is available to order through most all other bookstores nationwide.

29. Are there volume discounts available from JVED Publishing?

            Answer: In addition to trade discounts through Ingram Books, JVED Publishing offers direct discounts on orders of 25 or more sets or individual books of the same volume.  JVED Publishing can be contacted directly or use the feedback form below for additional information if needed.

30. Does Apostle Edward have an email address in which to contact him directly?

            Answer: The book web site has a feedback form that can be used.  While he reviews these inputs, he will not guarantee that an electronic or written reply will be made.  The Apostle Edward does pray over all prayer requests he receives and he also brings them to his bible study group for the group’s prayer.


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