The Apostle Edward asks …
Are You Ready?
When he returns for souls, will Christ find
you going about God’s business? Will he
find your spiritual light shining? If not,
why? Do you even know why Christ
stated those two salvation requirements?
There is an exodus from established churches by
Christians who have found out that many
churches no longer teach God’s truth. The trend
is worldwide and was the subject of a recent
newsletter I received. These Christians read the
Bible and compared what their church taught.
They found that the Church supported many evil things that God abhors. In the process,
they have asked themselves some fundamental spiritual questions:
• Can we support abortion if God abhors the shedding of innocent blood?
• Can we support Gay rights if God says homosexuality is abominable?
• Can we support a political party that seeks to excise God from everyday life?
• Can we support world friendship when it makes us HIS enemy?
Christian mythology is rampant. The Book of Edward discusses the above and many
other important issues that the Church is now confronted with. Will you personally obey
God’s Word and the teachings of Jesus? If not, you are not saved. This book can
reawaken your spirit and save your soul. At the very least, it will educate your heart.
I can remember the first experience in which I felt betrayed and confused by a pulpit
teaching that did not line up and match what the word of God actually said. The basic
choice you have, as a Christian, is whether you will adhere to God’s Word or to the man
made doctrines of your social group, your church, its hierarchy or its denomination.
There lies the main issue of salvation. You’ll have to decide on God’s Word if you want
eternal life for in the end analysis you will be held accountable to HIS Word. Christians
are leaving the established church and finding small fellowships or home churches as
described in the New Testament. God has opened their eyes to HIS truth and if you read
and study the Scriptures in this book, HE will open your eyes.
If desired, you may write to me in care of JVED Publishing. May your soul find the
true salvation contained in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Edward

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