What? I can’t sin? Well, what we are taught is that we cannot continue to willfully sin. There is a difference between willfully sinning and falling short. Sometimes we wind up sinning and we don’t have a clue as to how we got there. Jesus will fill the gap in your righteousness. He’s just not a replacement for a lifestyle of wickedness (doing things abhorrent to God).

Yes, Christians can lose their salvation through a willful lifestyle of sin abhorrent to God. A lifestyle that treats the “blood of Jesus as a common thing.” A lifestyle that insults God. A lifestyle that crucifies Christ again on the cross. How do you know you are on track as a Christian? Start checking yourself to see how often and why you stand your ground on the truth. Turn your back lately on a friend who needed your testimony of the truth? Fail to tell the truth because you didn’t want to get involved? If so, brother or sister — you are indeed in trouble with God.

Remember those who really have Jesus have given their hearts to God and HE has given them HIS Spirit of truth. If the truth is not in you, your business, the church or the situation, then God is not a part of it. If you have to pray about doing the right thing (practicing righteousness), God is not a serious part of your life.

Still, many Christians are under the erroneous idea that they should let God take care of it. Let Go & Let God is a popular idea. Don’t tell the truth, it only complicates matters and spreads the misery. Let God take care of it. This is the spiritual thing to do? When confronted with evil, God commands and demands that you take a stand for truth and righteousness. Even if you suffer. More about this later. Suffice to say that many people who call themselves Christians are in trouble with God. Perhaps as many as 50% of all who call themselves Christians are really headed for Hell. More on the words of Jesus and his astonishing 50% factor later. So, if you call yourself a Christian, where do you stand in regards to truth and righteousness?

Righteous People Belong To God!

If you are not a Christian, are you a righteous person? If so, you are already in God’s hands even if you don’t realize it. The righteous are God’s!

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