It is a fact, Jesus is talking about Christian leaders and others in the hierarchy of the Church who have the courage to boldly speak out and use the name of Jesus. If, what they protest is true, it certainly sounds like some good works to me. Doesn’t it? So, what gives? Why would Jesus reject these Christians into the kingdom of Heaven with his astonishing words?

Jesus said: “I never knew you!” Matthew 7:23

At least in this biblical issue, we do not have to guess or languish about any issues concerning biblical interpretation (hermeneutics). Jesus gives us the exact reason when he states: “depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!” That’s right, Christians who practice lawlessness! What is he talking about? Didn’t these people profess Jesus as their Lord? Yes, they did. Didn’t they go about the business of good works? Well, it certainly would appear so. Sounds like some kind of works thing to me. And what’s up with this? Isn’t it true that all I have to do is claim the name of Jesus? Do you mean to tell me that I have to actually do something for my salvation?

This book will provide complete answers to these important questions. It will use as an example of unrighteousness the theft of Solid Rock Church in Elk River, Minnesota. Please note the city and state and don’t get this particular church confused with the many others who have chosen such a worthy name for their own. The last time I searched the Internet, there were many churches with this same name: perhaps hundreds around the world. You might have heard: “We are not the tail, we are the head.” A reference from this and other Christian pulpits to being “front line warriors for God.” As you read on, we will explore some “front-line” issues involved when such a church practices lawlessness and even steals God’s property. In the process, we will examine the issue of righteousness and why it is more important to you than the ability to mouth the words “Jesus is my Lord.”

Jesus gives us all a clue on righteousness in Matthew 5:20. It is a minimum righteousness standard that is a requirement to get into Heaven. Is there more to getting into Heaven than mouthing, “Jesus is my Lord?” Yes!

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