The best definition I have ever heard of a Christian is a person who has developed a personal relationship with God as a result of accepting and knowing HIS only human begotten Son Jesus Christ. It is the person who has been led back to God by Jesus.

It is God the FATHER who I call my Friend and worship. It is the FATHER whom I ask of and pray to in Jesus’ name. It is HIS Son Jesus who I call my brother and friend. It is through Jesus that I can step into the Holy of Holies to worship and fellowship with the FATHER at any time of day or night. It is through Jesus that the FATHER pours out upon me HIS Holy Spirit abundantly, which Jesus refers to as the Spirit of truth. It is God’s Holy Spirit that gives me the strength to stand on truth and righteousness. And it is through Jesus, that the FATHER brings HIS kingdom back down to earth for me in this present earthly life. Yes, even in the face of earthly trials and obstacles the FATHER has me living in Eden with HIM in perfect unity, peace and joy. Is this the God you know? Is it the relationship you have developed with HIM?

With the gift of HIS precious Son Jesus, God asks us to demonstrate to HIM that we are responsible people and that we truly have HIM in our hearts. Think about this for a moment. Suppose a friend of yours gives you a brand new Cadillac or other luxury car of your choice. If you are poor, you might be surprised when the gift is complete and comes with a lifetime supply of everything you need (insurance, gas, oil, repairs, maintenance & operational items) absolutely free. All you have to do is enjoy the gift. Right? No!

With such a magnificent gift, you now have responsibilities. A wise man once taught me to watch out for assets, you have to take care of them. In this case, you have to take care of the new car. You drive it, park it, shine it, vacuum it, etc. You keep it in first class shape, don’t you? Isn’t this your part of the deal? How would your friend feel if he came by later only to find junk all over the seats (you let the kids eat in the car and never clean up after them)? Plus a whole lot of other ugly things like a banged up right front fender you refused to get repaired because you had other more important things to do (like watch television). Maybe you even refuse to get the oil changed because you don’t want the bother of taking the time. Even though all these things were provided free to you, it didn’t really matter. You

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