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Bibles For India


Bibles For India

For every $5.00 Bible donation, Apostle Ministry will be able to place one Telugu Bible into an India family's home. A ground team of ministers in India is supported by Apostle Ministry to deliver and minister to families in India. These are places where the word of God is seldom heard. Often, it means placing a Bible into the hands of a Hindu family for their study. You can play a role in getting the word of God out so poor families in India can learn about the great love God has for HIS people. A love so great, that God gave us the sacrifice of HIS only human begotten Son -- "That whosover believes." Well, you know the rest. PLEASE help us to get God's Word along with the teachings of Jesus distributed in India. God will bless you greatly for helping Apostle Ministry distribute HIS Holy word in India. You can also make a donation directly to the ministry to help us get the truth of God's Holy Word back into the Church.

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