The Apostle Edward

John 8:47: "He [or she] who is of God hears God's words!"

07/27/08: I just finished writing the "The Tithe Lie" street tract and posting it to this site.

You can access this new street tract at the link below. The Tithe Lie tract is #6 in the series of seven street tracts that God has called me to write. The Tithe Lie makes it very clear that tithe preachers are not faithful to God's Word. The preachers of tithing ADD and SUBTRACT from God's Word in order to extract money from people who are ignorant of Scripture. The lies they perpetuate are for both ministry and personal financial gain. Surely God will repay these false teachers who lead many of God's people in the wrong direction towards Hell, making them friends of the world, enemies of God and focused on material things instead of the true treasures of Heaven.

I thought this tract would be easier to write, since I have written much about tithing before. However, it was hard for me to get into. Perhaps because I still have family and friends who are under the delusion of tithing and the false riches that it promises. Every child of God has the duty to study the Bible and learn God's truth. I am not the only one writing about the preachers of tithing in the Christian Church today. Google "the tithe lie" to learn more. So, I am happy that many are awakening to the Word of God. For the most part, these people are leaving the established Church, which no longer is faithful to God's Word. Where do they go? They form small home churches like those found in the New Testament. They join forces using the Internet with other truth seekers. The issue of unfaithfulness is the subject of the last street tract. Stay tuned, as I believe you will find the last tract also very interesting. Be blessed all of you who cherish God's Word as a higher authority on spiritual truth than that of your preacher's. Be blessed all of you who teach the truth of God's Word and do not add or substract from it. God will reward you greatly in due season. Apostle Edward

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