The Apostle Edward

John 8:47: "He [or she] who is of God hears God's words!"

05/07/08: I just finished writing the "The Seven Spirits" street tract and posting it to this site.

You can access this new street tract at the link below. The Seven Spirits tract is #5 in the series of seven street tracts that God has called me to write. The Seven Spirits makes it very clear that you do not know the God that Jesus served and worship unless you know that Jesus' God has seven Spirits before HIS throne and not just one called the Holy Spirit as the Orthodox Church claims. All seven Spirits are fully defined in the Bible and when one realizes who they are, THEN the man made, Church created trinity doctrine falls flat and is exposed as apostasy and the work of the Antichrist from the beginning of when the Church was created.

As early as 80-90 A.D., Ignatius, the third Bishop to Antioch wrote clearly in his Epistle To the Ephesians that "God appeared as a man." Ergo, Satan influenced this false doctrine early on and the Church has now taught it for 2,000 years. The false trinity doctrine was designed for these End Times. Such times as we are now witnessing, when many Christians commit idolatry by worshipping Jesus instead of the God that Jesus taught us about. Others Christians claim a god of forgiveness allows them to engage in whatever evil behavior they feel like. This includes licentiousness and other sins that are offensive to the "one true God" that Jesus taught us about. Read The Seven Spirits tract and take a journey into the real truth about God's Spirits and why the trinity doctrine is false and evil.

Street Ministry Tracts

  1. The Invitation
  2. The Messenger
  3. The Message
  4. Law of Christ
  5. The Seven Spirits
  6. The Tithe Lie
  7. The Unfaithful

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