The Apostle Edward

John 8:47: "He [or she] who is of God hears God's words!"

04/15/08: I just finished writing the "Law of Christ" street tract and posting it to this site.

You can access this new street tract at the link below. The Law of Christ tract is #4 in the series of seven street tracts that God has called me to write. The Law of Christ makes it very clear that repentance and righteousness are the criteria that God is looking for in all humans. It also makes it clear that God has not changed HIS salvation criteria and that Christ has taught the same repentance and righteousness that was taught in the Old Testament as the criteria of God's salvation. No repentance, no salvation. No righteousness, no salvation. Christ's teachings are the same as Ezekiel's in chapter 18.

Street Ministry Tracts

  1. The Invitation
  2. The Messenger
  3. The Message
  4. Law of Christ
  5. The Seven Spirits
  6. The Tithe Lie
  7. The Unfaithful

The idea in Christianity that no one gets to heaven outside of knowing Jesus is a false doctrine unsupported by Holy Scripture. Apostle Peter makes it clear that the righteous in every nation will be accepted by God. It is time that Christians started to read the Bible they base their salvation on. Jesus will reject everyone who is lawless in God's eyes. He makes that clear in Matthew 7:21-23. Only repentance and righteousness will lead you home to your eternal life. This is what Jesus Christ has taught us in the New Testament.

The idea that Paul teaches the Law of God has been discarded is a false teaching of the apostate church. This street tract makes it clear that the law is still in force. It is Jewish ceremonial laws such as tithing, sabbath day rules, etc. that have been done away with. All of God's commandments and commands remain unchanged and still in force.

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