The Apostle Edward

John 8:47: "He [or she] who is of God hears God's words!"

3/5/08: I just finished writing "The Message" street tract and posting it.

You can access this new street tract at the link below. God has also expanded the total number of tracts to seven from the original four as indicated below. Feel free to use these tracts in your own street ministry to get the truth of God's Word out to Christians and to those who do not know God. There is great deception in Christianity today. Only those who love the truth will find their way to an eternal life in heaven.

Street Ministry Tracts

  1. The Invitation
  2. The Messenger
  3. The Message
  4. Law Of Christ
  5. The Seven Spirits
  6. The Tithe Lie
  7. The Unfaithful

These seven tracts are my own challenge, directed by God, to Today's Christian Church. God wants the Church to stop lying about HIS Son and about HIS Word. Go ahead and compare these seven tracts to Martin Luther's 95 Theses that challenged the Catholic Church. These seven tracts will be just as revolutionary to today's apostate Church as Luther's 95 Theses was to the Catholic Church of his day. Let me know what you think and if you really care about what God's Word actually says. Use the feedback form.

Repentance is more important to any Christian than an ability to "mouth" Jesus as their Lord and savior. It is also more important to your eternal life than any false confidence you may have received by tithing. The tithe is today's modern form of "indulgences" preached by Charismatic and Pentecostal churches for the purpose of extracting money from people. To this extent, Luther's 95th Theses has relevance.

"And let them [Christians] thus be more confident of entering heaven through many tribulations rather than through a false assurance of peace [from paying for an indulgence from the Church]." Martin Luther, Theses #95

The "tithe" is the modern day equivalent to the indulgences extracted by the Pope during Martin Luther's time. This time, it isn't the Pope, it is the false ministers of Charismatic and Pentecostal churches, who preach tithing, that misappropriate God's Word for financial gain.

3/22/08 Update - THE INVITATION has been translated into the Indian language of Telugu by our Indian street ministry team.

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