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Jesus' Human Bones Didn't Go To Heaven!

Elk River, Minn.—(ICNEWSWIRE)—March 9, 2007.  After all the hype about the Discovery Channel's "Lost Tomb Of Jesus", which aired on March 4, a couple of facts are clear.  First, nothing conclusive was proven by the documentary.  Second, many Christians cannot think clearly about the issues presented in the documentary.  Take the resurrection.  If we accept Jesus' resurrection as a fact, does that mean Jesus' human bones went to heaven?  According to the Rev. Edward G. Palmer, the answer is a resounding NO!

Rev. Palmer said: "I see the mythology that Apostle Paul predicted would come.  It was apparent in Ted Koppel's show analyzing the 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' that aired immediately after the documentary.  One professor stated, that if the documentary were true, it destroyed the basis of the Christian faith, which is the resurrection.  Really? How so?  Did Jesus take his human flesh and bones to heaven in his resurrection body?  The thought is sheer nonsense.  Nothing in the 'Lost Tomb' documentary should shake any Christian's faith.  The Bible teaches Jesus was made a human [man] just like the rest of us; that he died a human death on the cross; and, that he appeared later in a body that clearly transcended the capabilities of a human body.  Do human bones ascend to heaven? No, and neither did the human bones of Jesus.  If the documentary is true, it is a statistically significant finding.  Any first year student of statistics should be able to grasp that fact.  Instead of dismissing these findings, religious scholars need to investigate them further.  John 1:18 teaches 'No man [human] has seen God.' And, in Exodus 33:20, God says: 'No man [human] shall see ME and live.'  That includes the human Jesus.  It's a biblical fact that Jesus' resurrection body, required in heaven, transcended the capabilities of his earthly body."

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