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I hope this message finds you filled with God's hope and joy. Even in the midst of trials and tribulations, it is possible to be filled with the joy of the LORD God and of HIS Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, I firmly believe we are in the End-Times that our Lord Jesus taught about in Matthew 24 and that the prophet Ezra confirmed in his dialogue with God in 2 Esdras 8:41-9:22. Will everyone get to go to heaven as some churches now teach? No. Such teachings are part of the End-Times mythology that we now live in, where discerning the truth becomes a big challenge. I've already written about this myth in Chapter 21 of the Book of Edward: Christian Mythology. If you want to read why everyone doesn't get to go to heaven, the writing is at

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I'm also writing to inform you that after 32 years of walking closely with God, that HE has NOW called me to step out in front and confront the Church. So this announcement is also a coming out into the open during these End-Times to confront the Orthodox Church on several of the myths that are being taught and propagated within the Orthodox Church. There have been many servants of God throughout the years that have written about such apostasies as the trinity doctrine. I have read many writings on the subject. However, no one has had the courage to confront the Church at large about it teachings that conflict with the written word of God. Often, these teachings, teach directly against God's Word.

God has given me 18 years of training and many trials. It was time enough to write three distinct books explaining what is HIS Case Against Orthodox Christianity. You'll find my story and a summary of God's Case Against Orthodox Christianity at

I am the Apostle Edward. It is a calling from God that I have reluctantly accepted. Apostles have a message from God. The message HE gave me was to tell Christians that many of them are unwittingly headed towards Hell instead of Heaven. I spent five years with God writing the BOOK OF EDWARD to explain who the Christians are that Jesus rejects in Matthew 7:21-23 when he said: "I never knew you."

So, from God's perspective, there are some problems. The Orthodox Church has lied about God's identity, the identity of Jesus Christ, the gift of eternal life and even about what constitutes salvation. Many Christians have been falsely led to believe that all they had to do is "call upon the name of Jesus." Yet, if that were true, why would Jesus reject "many" who call him "Lord, Lord." In truth, calling upon Jesus' name is meaningless for anyone who does not obey his teachings.

We see in John 3:36 that "the wrath of God is upon all who do not believe [or obey] Christ."

It is clear that God expects us to not only believe HIS Son's teachings, but to also obey them. Consider the issue of the trinity doctrine for a moment in regards to actual Bible teachings, even those of our Lord Jesus Christ. The trinity doctrine is not a teaching of the Bible. It is a teaching of the Orthodox Church based on conjecture about relationships found in some Scriptures. One of those Scriptures is John 8:58.

Jesus said: "Before Abraham was, I am." in John 8:58

The phrase "I am" is capitalized in several translations as "I AM" and many theologians and scholars have concluded that Jesus has laid claim to being the God Almighty of Exodus 3:14-15. This is the spot where Moses asks who shall I say sent me. God responds with "I AM who I AM. Tell them I AM sent me."

Other sections of the book of John are also used to rationalize the trinity doctrine. John 20:28 is another example. Thomas exclaims "My Lord and my God!" after touching Jesus' resurrected body. Once again, theologians and scholars proclaim that Thomas is clearly worshipping Jesus as God.

However, God has protected HIS Holy Word and except for a few altered verses, HIS Word is intact. This is especially true concerning the teachings of Jesus. For years, I have heard God tell me, "It's all in the teachings of MY Son." Meaning of course, if one studied the teachings of Jesus, he or she would get God's message of eternal life straight.

So, God objects to such Orthodox Church teachings as the trinity doctrine and others. HE has called me out front on these issues to confront the Church with HIS Word. I don't seek to offer my opinion. I only seek to point out what God's Word actually says as HE has directed me to bring it out into the open. My ministry is a ministry to the Church to help Christians understand what is actually in God's Word during these End-Times. Ergo, God has called me to go fishing for Christian souls.

I'm not called to convince anyone that God is True or that the only human begotten Son of God is our Lord Jesus Christ. God has called me out front with a writing ministry in an era of instant communications around the world. I'm am the virtual apostle Edward in an era of instant worldwide communications. Even though I have only been out in the open with Internet ads for a few days, God has already created a nexus in Canada, Malaysia and South Africa concerning the seven end-times messages HE gave me. You will find the seven end-times messages God gave me at this link --

A nexus was created in India several years ago and I now support a street ministry in India who is taking the messages God has given me to the Hindu people of India. So a lot is happening and quickly. It also seems that things are picking up speed in many ways from my spiritual perspective.

So, what exactly would God object to concerning the CHURCH manmade trinity doctrine?

First, God objects to the use of the book of John to claim Jesus [HIS Son] is God. Why? Well for openers, there is John's identity of God and also of Jesus context! We read the following about the message John is trying to teach us. Ergo, the book of John has an identity context for our Lord Jesus Christ.

John 20:31 "These [words] are written that YOU MAY BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, the Son of God, and believing you may have life in his name."

So, to take anything in the book of John and create a doctrine that makes Jesus Christ [a man] into his and our God takes John's writings totally out of context. It is very offensive to God. And, it totally distorts HIS Holy Word. Woe to those who take God's Words and twist them into another meaning. Yet, taking John out of context doesn't seem as bad to me as blatantly ignoring the teachings of Jesus also found in the book of John.

Concerning the identity of God, listen to what Jesus taught. In John 20:17, Jesus said: "I am ascending to my FATHER and your FATHER, and to my God and to your God."

In these simple words of our Lord Jesus Christ, we learn the identity of God in very clear language. Jesus taught us that the FATHER is our God. NOTE: Paul confirms this teaching of Christ in 1 Corinthians 8:6.

Strangely, this teaching of Jesus in John is a mere 11 verses earlier than Thomas' exclamation in which many scholars also claim that Thomas is worshipping Jesus as God. Think about it. The claim is Thomas states Jesus is God, but a mere eleven verses earlier we see Jesus teaching us God's identity as only the FATHER. And, I might ADD -- the fact that Jesus himself had a GOD that he served and worshipped. The God of Jesus was also our God and it was Christ who taught us that reality about our FATHER [GOD].

These same scholars also must not have read John 6:67-69 and the conversation Jesus had with his disciples. After Jesus taught about eating his body and drinking his blood, he clarified to his disciples that what he said WERE SPIRIT WORDS. In John 6:63 Jesus said, "the words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life." Therefore, these words were not meant to be taken literally but metaphorically from a spiritual perspective.

Nevertheless, the teaching of Jesus about his body and blood was hard to swallow and we learn -- "many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more." John 6:66 Ergo, they left Jesus!

"Then Jesus said to the twelve [all twelve disciples, including Thomas], 'Do you also want to go away?' Then Simon Peter answered him, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Also, we believe [all twelve disciples, including Thomas] THAT YOU ARE THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD." John 6:67-69

So, God objects that the teachings of HIS only begotten human Son concerning HIS and HIS Son's identities are blatantly ignored in favor of unbiblical Church dogma. In truth, most Christians are now Church followers and not Word followers, let alone Christ followers.

The word Christian was originally used to refer to those who followed the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is who I am, but it is a term that no longer applies to over 50% of all those named Christian.

It isn't just taking John's teachings out of its identity context to convince us Jesus was the Christ; or, ignoring Jesus' teaching about who God was; or, ignoring the fact that all the disciples KNEW Jesus was not God -- the Church also ignores what Jesus taught the disciples about his identity and that of his God. This teaching is found in John 17:6-18. Here we see Jesus, in a prayer to his God, confirming to his God that he properly taught the disciples about who their God was and who Jesus Christ himself was.

These are just a sampling of God's objection to the trinity doctrine. A more complete discussion is in my last book. It's online at

So, it's official now in the spirit realm. I am now out in the open for God as HIS Apostle Edward with HIS message to the Church. That message is that many Christians are unwittingly headed towards Hell instead of Heaven. It is a direct result of apostate Church teachings that have convinced many they can do as they please on earth and that their behavior no longer matters to God. The apostasy also all flows from the trinity dogma created in 325 AD.

Trinity believers generally fall into two groups. Those who are righteous and those who are unrighteous and have rationalized using the trinity doctrine that they can go do what they please on earth. Such behavior is evidenced by the Episcopal Church and the Reformed Catholic Church who see no fault in God's eyes with practicing homosexuality or lesbianism. For these and other churches, it is a simple leap from a god of love [Jesus] to all my sins are forgiven. Even those I am about to commit.

Yet those who are truly saved are only those who are righteous in God's eyes. These are not perfect people and they sometimes get involved with sin. However, they practice righteousness and they belong to God even if they are confused about who God is. The trinity believer who is righteous is no different than the righteous Hebrew or Muslim in God's eyes. They too are confused about who Christ is.

But, WOE to the teacher of the trinity doctrine. God will have HIS revenge for leading HIS people astray.

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If you are one of my brethren who seeks true revival, you should realize that it may not occur as long as the majority of Christians are worshipping in idolatry a god that does not exist in Holy Scripture.


Jesus said: "See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet." Matthew 246

Amos said: "Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless HE reveals HIS secret to HIS servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

God has called me out as a watchman for the Church. To make HIS case known. And, HIS case has been spelled out. HIS message has been delivered. Now, there is only who will gain access to the information and who among that group will listen.



May God Bless You,

The Apostle Edward
aka Rev. Edward G. Palmer


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